Can you believe this is not a native application?
Watch Fluxiom in action. Now imagine it annihilating your clutter! (Music by The Insider)

Released to critical acclaim in 2006, Fluxiom is Wollzelle’s star product. It defined the modern web application, and has remained a strong platform for innovation ever since. Today, it caters to the needs of thousands of users worldwide, from independent professionals to industry-leading multinationals. Fluxiom technology also underpins some of our most successful websites, including Global Player Online and

Fluxiom offers an intuitive way to manage and distribute files. Its connected nature is ideally suited to the sharing needs of teams, large or small. Its intuitive desktop-like interface requires little or no training. Finally, its dedicated infrastructure makes it fast and dependable. Unlike many web applications, it has kept maturing at a constant pace since launch, and has gained the unconditional trust of users who depend on it.

Underneath its responsive interface ticks an advanced processing engine, the result of years of hard development work. Fluxiom extracts sense and meaning from within a wide gamut of files, empowering users to master their data like never before — and to leverage it like no desktop tool ever could. Fluxiom is as much a product as it is an expression of our philosophy.