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WHS Annual Report '09

Experience the elegance and physicality of change.


2009 was a big year for the Wiener Hauskrankenpflege (WHS). The organisation was managing exponential growth, and had just completed a major move to brand new offices, bringing it into a consolidated, purpose-designed space for the first time in recent history. When they asked us to design and produce their annual report, we knew it had to be about renewal, movement and finding oneself in a changing world.

Take a Closer Look

From the tear-away strip to the tactile paper, this document just begs to be picked up…

In 2008, we had proved that making a document official and accurate did not preclude making it elegant and engrossing. We set about keeping the entertaining visual language we had devised, updating it to match the freshly improved WHS brand guidelines. Visual cues signifying growth, movement, and personal exploration were added to the mix. The elegant typefaces, spacious layouts, and engaging photographs remained, supplemented by handwritten scripts and pencilled-in graphs.

The physicality of the report is especially striking, starting with the tear-away strip that runs down the front cover. The document opens like a packing box: on the outside, the old headquarters, on the inside, the fresh new look. Our collaboration with world-renowned photographer Franco Winter continued, this time showcasing office workers and administrators going about their daily routine. These genuine, relatable snapshots carried over the element of reportage introduced in 2008, bringing it « back home » to highlight the organisation's new space and renewed stability.