1. Digital Transformation for your Business

    Digitalization is the future

    Digitalization is an important step into the future for every company. Therefore, companies should no longer wait to develop a concrete digitalization strategy – industry 4.0 is already on the rise. From our experience, it is necessary to clearly plan the digitalization process, preferably with a partner to have not only an inside view on the topic but also an expert view. The challenge of transforming already settled processes and the input of internal personnel can be summarized homogeneously.

    What to achieve?

    The main goal is to simplify and support processes with the help of digitalization measures, thereby relieving the burden on company departments and redefining work processes. This is the chance to optimize processes purposefully and improve quality assurance.

    With our solutions for digitalization, especially in the field of personnel development for training and monitoring via mobile eLearning apps, we are already in the midst of working with our customers towards their digital transformation and would like to share our experiences with you.

    What mobile applications can do for you?

    By using mobile applications, companies can simplify work processes for their employees and build up know-how. Mobile learning will become more and more important in the future as, above all, your employees’ ideas about learning will change. Global teams will work together even closer and, with a new level of flexibility, employees will be able to determine when to repeat or reassemble parts of their training – which in turn greatly supports their motivation.

    Effective & efficient on the go

    Mobile eLearning apps enable your employees to plan their working hours effectively – training is available from any location and therefore, it is accessible at all times. Trainings – especially if they are offered for several different locations – can be attended at any time by all employees worldwide. The eLearning apps also provide your employees with the ability to review their own statistics and give them the opportunity to keep track of their learning curve. Through such mobile learning opportunities, a solution can be offered which is easily accessible for the employees and fast and effectively feasible.

    How does the optimization look like?

    The digitalization of work processes has the advantage that data can be aggregated in one central location, thereby efficiency can be increased. It is i.e. possible to link the mobile applications with your merchandise management system and through this, the data is always up to date. Similar applications for the evaluation and analysis of data are particularly interesting for the areas of Sales & Marketing, as statistics can be created quick and easy and an overview of i.e. sales per country can be displayed.

    How can we support you?

    In addition to our projects in the field of digitalization and optimization of work processes, we count of many years of experience in data management. Our digital asset management platform (Fluxiom: SaaS product) makes it possible, amongst other things, to easily and securely share and save large files. The data is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    What’s next?

    There are other topics that revolve around digitalization and your company’s future, such as cloud computing. By moving processes to the cloud, they can be optimized even better and data security can be increased. In the upcoming years, cloud computing will become more and more important for your company. New processes can be introduced quickly, which in turn can make the processes already optimized by digitalization measures even better.

    So, watch out for the next post on Cloud Computing and some insights about how we are getting real to comply with the new EU Data Protection Law (GDPR), which comes into effect in May 2018.

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  2. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Designed by starline / Freepik

    This year, we at Wollzelle wanted to thank you all for your continued support.

    We are once again celebrating the Holidays by donating to a cause that is dear to our hearts. This year, Wollzelle supports MOKI Wien, a Viennese charity dedicated to providing families with mobile care in a familiar environment. Donations will be made in the name of our clients and partners, and we hope you can join us in this gift — in thought, if not necessarily in deed.

    May 2018 bring you joy, success, happiness, and fulfilment!
    Ruhige und besinnliche Feiertage und einen erfolgreichen Start ins Neue Jahr!

    In accordance with our custom, the team will take a few days off to celebrate and enjoy their families, from 22 December to 2 January. Rest assured however that administrators will continue to keep as close an eye as ever on the servers during that time.

  3. Office room for rent

    Office Images


    In our beautiful, quiet, centrally-located Vienna Office in the 6th district we offer work desks or a room for rent. Between Mariahilfer Straße (U3 Zieglergasse) and Pilgramgasse (U4), directly across the lovely Loquaipark – surrounded by little cafes and restaurants. Perfect environment for start ups with high ambitions for success – former tenants just moved to famous Silicon Valley.

    We offer:
    Desk (up to 4 ppl in a room), € 215,00 per desk/month, all inclusive
    Dedicated Room (up to 5 ppl), € 950,00, all inclusive (incl. LAN)

    All inclusive for desk and room rent:
    Internet (WIFI), Overheads, electricity, heating, cleaning, office service.

    Office services included for desk and room rent:
    Meeting room and kitchen, coffee, printer, shelf, whiteboard, package acceptance.

    No long term contracts – monthly cancellation. Perfect for temporary arrangements. Deposit: one month’s rent.

    All prices without VAT.

    Interested? Just drop us a line and visit us.

  4. We are Hiring: PHP Developer

    Wollzelle Team and the Riesenrad in Vienna

    We are looking for a talented PHP Webdeveloper to join our international team at Wollzelle. At Wollzelle you will work with a professional team and international as well as national top clients. You will be involved in every step of product development from the first idea until the finished product while working with a closely-knit team of experts.

    Your responsibilities:

    • Maintenance and Development of Web Applications
    • Concept, Test and Deployment of new Features
    • Cost Estimates
    • Documentation and Quality Management

    What we are looking for:

    • Fluency in PHP, MySQL
    • E-Commerce Frameworks (Magento)
    • Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Experience with Github, Coninuous Integration (CI)
    • 3+ years of experience in web development
    • University Degree of Informatics and/or appropriate work experience
    • distinct understanding of processes and coherences
    • communicative, team player
    • autonomous work
    • German written and spoken
    • nice to have: Magento certificate

    What we can offer:

    • Flexible with holidays and downtime, provided the work gets done
    • Interesting international and national clients with challenging projects
    • Flat hierarchy, fast decision making and open communication
    • Work within an international team
    • Relocation Support
    • Centrally located in Vienna, a world capital with amazing history and a bright future.

    Full Time (40 h), monthly gross salary of EUR 2.800,00 – actual salary depending on qualifications and professional experience.

    If you are interested in this position, please email your application (including CV) to

  5. Infographic on the new EU VAT rules


    New VAT regulations came into effect on 1 January 2015. If you sell digital goods or services (Saas) within the European Union, it is essential that you review your invoices for compliance. As so often, the rules are confusing, and failure to conform could have dire consequences.

    There is so much contradictory information out there, especially for intra-European relationships, that I decided to put together a little flowchart, to facilitate our invoicing. Our friends saw it, liked it, and asked for it, so there it is, for your personal enjoyment. We hope it helps you get back to actual productive work as soon as possible!

    Download Infographic as PDF


    These new VAT regulations are a vast and complex issue. While nothing could replace the personal advice of your accountant, we have compiled a list of links, ranging from official texts to pithy commentary. May they prove as useful to you in your research as they were to us! We wish you the best of luck in this endeavour!

    Official references

    For our Austrian friends

    Tools of the trade

    Summaries, opinions and editorials

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  6. Warmest wishes from Wollzelle


    The Holidays are upon us — time for all to rest, relax, and enjoy the restorative company of friends and family.

    In accordance with our custom, the team will take a few days off to enjoy the festivities, from 22 December to 6 January. Rest assured however that administrators will continue to keep as close an eye as ever on the servers during that time. Ongoing projects will be put briefly on ice, like fine champagne, and will soon resume with a bang.

    Speaking of projects, we at Wollzelle wanted to thank you all for your continued support. You have made 2014 one of our best years ever, and we can’t wait to get started together on the next!

    We are once again celebrating the Holidays by donating to a cause that is dear to our hearts. This year, Wollzelle supports Integrationshaus, a Viennese charity dedicated to providing safety and support to refugees who have faced abuse and ill-treatment in their home country. Donations will be made in the name of our clients and partners, and we hope you can join us in this gift — in thought, if not necessarily in deed.

    May 2015 bring you joy, success, happiness, and fulfilment! Geruhsame Feiertage und einen beschwingten Start ins Neue Jahr!

  7. Say hello to Maiko, a new app from Wollzelle


    Today’s web thrives on a wide variety of devices and networks: laptops, phones, tablets, but also TVs, fridges, and glasses! All these devices have specific requirements in terms of bandwidth and image resolution. Serving the same content in such different circumstances can make your site slow to load, difficult to read, and expensive to download.

    Web designers need a simple solution to serve the right images to the right users, in the fastest, most economical way possible. This is how Maiko, our new image processing service, was born.

    Feeling overwhelmed? We haven’t even discussed Android yet!

    Maiko offers a comprehensive solution: it hosts, processes, and delivers your images transparently. Once your assets have been uploaded to Maiko, you can call them in the right size, resolution, and image format on-the-fly. Maiko generates the requested file in real-time, right from your source. It then distributes it to your end user over its worldwide full-SSD CDN.

    Big screen, big bucks, big Maiko! Please your Pro users…

    This makes changing images on your site as easy as changing a font size or a colour in your CSS. Change the source, and everything updates right away! Maiko accepts designer-friendly formats, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. It serves files in all standard formats, including the super-optimised WEBP. No intermediary exports and no alternate files means no confusion, no time lost, and no compromises in quality.

    The oh-so-cute Maiko is your site’s best friend. But she’s a ninja against bloat!

    Maiko’s intuitive web interface belies its advanced image processing engine, developed in-house by Wollzelle. If you can use the web, you can use Maiko. Fully documented URL parameters, and a complete JavaScript API, are available to all developers. This makes it a snap to integrate Maiko into your own web application. (A REST API is in the works, and coming soon.)

    Just how robust is Maiko? It is already powering high-profile sites for the luxury fashion industry. In January 2014 alone, it served 350+ GB of data! Today, by opening it to the general public, we are making this powerful new tool available to freelancers and agencies of all sizes.

    From upload to setup—touring Maiko in 3 minutes:

    Maiko is the latest addition to our portfolio of web applications. Fluxiom pioneered desktop-like interfaces on the web, and continues to offer innovative file management solutions. Maiko builds upon our data processing know-how, and offers the first true end-to-end responsive image management solution.

    We cannot wait to see what you are going to build with it!

    Feeling inspired? Let’s make something together today!